Novakinetics produces high-quality composite components and structures to meet any standard, from wet layup fiberglass to autoclave-cured carbon-epoxy prepreg with surface accuracies that are just a few thousandths of an inch from the design model. Novakinetics also hand-crafts modern-day versions of the steel-frame-and-nylon-mesh “Cool Seats” used in helicopters and utility aircraft.

Kinetic Defense

Kinetic Defense delivers ballistic protection systems to defend light aircraft from small arms threats. We work with our clients to implement custom armor installations that fit perfectly with the mission and the mission equipment. Kinetic Defense offers panel laminates that are optimized for minimum weight, alternatively, we will work with you to find the sweet spot that balances weight, performance, and cost.

Why Novakinetics and Kinetic Defense?

We are big enough to serve our aerospace clients skillfully, and still small enough to want to! The combined companies share an AS9100 certified Quality System, an engineering team, led by an MIT grad, that loves to solve problems, and a manufacturing team dedicated to getting it right the first time, on schedule. In-house tooling, light machining, and laser scanning capabilities mean that we can control our schedule and verify our quality on every project.

Composites for Aircraft

Novakinetics has been producing composites for OEM aircraft manufacturers and STC certificate holders since 1996. Quality, craftsmanship, and materials traceability have been our key principles from day one. Novakinetics engineers helped craft the Air Tractor Ram Air Inlet engine cowling, and have assisted with numerous other design and development projects, including prototype engine nacelles for the Eclipse 500 jets, wind tunnel airfoil models, and SATCOM antenna reflectors. Our craftsmen and craftswomen stand ready to help with your project, too.

Ballistic Protection

Kinetic Defense ballistic protection technologies range from soft blanket systems to lightweight rigid panels meeting NIJ Level III+ and capable of defeating various penetrator round threats. Kinetic Defense has provided armor for nearly 200 light aircraft to date, including Hueys, Bell 412s, Sikorsky S-61s, MD530s, Mi-17s, DH-8s, Beech 1900s, Air Tractor AT-802Us, and one DC-3. We can optimize flight crew and passenger protection while minimizing parasitic weight. What can we help create for your special mission aircraft?

High Accuracy Composites

Novakinetics has developed a capability to produce carbon-epoxy composite components with surface profile accuracies better than .010” RMS. In-house laser scanning capability allows us to track the accuracy of tooling masters, production molds, and individual production parts, allowing a statistical quality approach to part accuracy and repeatability. This capability is currently being applied to SATCOM antenna reflectors and turbine engine test equipment. What component accuracy problems can we solve for you?


Cool Seats, used in Vietnam-era Hueys and a variety of other crop dusting and utility aircraft, live on at Novakinetics! Our technicians form, fit and weld the 4130 steel tube frames, fabricate the foam pads and support trays, sew the nylon mesh covers, and deliver complete hand-crafted seat assemblies. We have reverse-engineered and provided seats for several of these legacy applications, and invite you to let us bid on a solution for your aircraft fleet.

Frequently Asked

Following are answers to our most frequently asked questions:


Do Novakinetics and Kinetic Defense have an aerospace grade quality system?

Yes, Novakinetics and Kinetic Defense share an AS9100D certified quality assurance system for all manufacturing activities. However, our engineering and design services are independent of our AS9100 quality system.


What are typical lead times for composite tooling and first article parts?

Depending on the complexity of the part, lead times for new parts development can range from three to twelve weeks from order placement to accepted first article.


What level of surface accuracy is possible in Novakinetics-produced carbon-epoxy parts?

.008” RMS accuracy compared to design data is possible in daily production on parts up to 24” across.


Can Novakinetics support long term high volume manufacturing?

Yes! We run daily autoclave loads of 15 parts or more, and produce hundreds of aerospace quality parts each month. CNC trimming is used on high volume parts, and our paint shop has also added equipment to keep up.


What are typical lead times for ballistic protection system deliveries?

This varies depending on the size of the project and the current market for ballistic protection materials. Four weeks is possible for projects where we have material inventory and an existing design, twelve weeks is a realistic target if a design must be developed and new materials sourced.

Can Novakinetics help with one-off projects for hobbyists or consumers?

Sorry, but not at this time. We DO however enjoy sponsoring engineering student projects at Northern Arizona University.

Our Story

Novakinetics started in 1996, in Texas, when Jim Corning designed a fiberglass part to improve oil cooling on a DEA-operated OH-6 helicopter. As he was filling an order for 20 of these parts, working in his garage, he found that several of his engineering consulting clients needed a reliable, quality-oriented composites supplier. So, Jim rented shop space, hired his first employees, and got to work.

Jim moved the business to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2001. Novakinetics by this time was producing production composite parts for the Air Tractor cropdusters and for the RAM Aircraft turbo/intercooler upgrades. Novakinetics also helped develop engine nacelles for the Eclipse 500 jet prototypes. Some of these nacelles, used with Teledyne cruise missile engines (for flight test purposes only, prior to Eclipse teaming up with Pratt & Whitney) had to incorporate ballistic containment!

Novakinetics began developing ballistic protection systems in the early 2000s and spun off Kinetic Defense Mfg. Inc. in 2005 to concentrate on this work. Kinetic Defense has produced armor for close to 200 aircraft, from MD530s to S-61s and Mi-17s, and from Air Tractor AT-802s to a DC-3. Kinetic Defense policy is to survey and develop ballistic protection designs for new aircraft at no cost to the client*. Our survey tools range from a FARO laser scanner to tape measures, templates, and cardboard mockups!

*Kinetic Defense design and development services are independent of our AS9100 Manufacturing Quality System.


Kinetic Defense stays current on the ever-changing array of ballistic protection materials and can match the performance-to-weight capabilities of any competitor.

Novakinetics is also continuously improving capabilities, and now offers autoclave processing of materials with extremely high surface accuracy.

Vision Statement

We offer superior problem-solving and quality manufacturing to build relationships with clients who have performance-critical applications for composites and ballistic protection materials.

Our Experts

Novakinetics and Kinetic Defense have developed a team with extensive experience in composites, ballistic protection, and quality management. As aerospace and composites people know, there is a lot of personal pride and craftsmanship that goes into high-quality production, and our AS9100 Quality System serves to document and maintain these high standards. Our management team has extensive hands-on experience with all of our processes and products.

Jim Corning


Jim has an engineering degree from MIT, & still loves to create new products in the shop.

Daniel Stinski

Vice President Manufacturing

Daniel joined Novakinetics in 2006, and has charted a very hands-on course into production management.

Shiva Sadeghi

Engineering Manager

Shiva has an extensive career managing projects for large companies.

Perry Cola

Quality Manager

Perry had an extensive background in quality management and warranty resolution before joining Novakinetics in 2017.

Joe Snodgrass

Assistant Production Manager

Joe has over 10 years experience with composites & ballistic protection, having first joined Novakinetics as a Lead Painter in 2008.

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