About Us

Novakinetics’ mission is to solve problems for our¬†clients. Our first composite part in 1995 was a modification to improve oil cooling in OH-6 helicopters. That spirit has continued today¬†with airplane nose cowlings, engine nacelles, wind tunnel models, engine ground test bellmouths, and aircraft seats. With an AS9100 certified quality and management system, we have the capability to create solutions for you and we are small enough to be responsive.

Novakinetics can combine engineering and manufacturing services to make it easy for you to go from concept to reality. We offer a composites production capability ranging from wet layup to prepreg and autoclave processing for structural parts. Production tooling is built in-house, so we can respond quickly to changes in design and schedule. Novakinetics can also produce 4130 steel weldments, aircraft seats, and sewn fabric interior parts. These capabilities are our starting place – what new solutions can we develop for you?

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